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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Growing as Writers

On the blog sphere, there are a lot of great, educational websights. I like using blogger to follow a few (dozen) of them. I'll share a couple I follow with you.

I was just reading ain interesting blog post by The Literary Lab . Davin Malasarn was writing about outgrowing her writing group. While that is not an issue for our fledgling group, It reminded me of what I am striving for. I group where we can grow as writers. The truth is we all have different amounts of time and interests in writing, and no, no other writer out there is exactly like you. So each writing group isn't the perfect fit for everybody (you can please some of the people some of the time...).  This is a good blog with three regular writers and a wide variety of topics.

Editorial Ass is addressing the re-occuring issue of racism in publishing. This issue is worth following if you wish to be published. Not only is it relevant to ethnic writers, but also to writers who are white. How you address culture in your work is noticed. It doesn't mean you will be austrisized for having a racist character, but when the ethnic characters in your works are flat and stereotyped, people notice. The worst part is, if your main character is African, Asian, or Arabic, they will probably be white on the cover. Can you imagine how hurtful that is? And as a "white" I am offended that the publishing houses think I would not read a book with a black protagonist. A lot of us book junkies are looking for content above all else. What journey will this book take me on?

My question is, are you reading any great blogs?

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